Aerial view of a jar of almonds

Best Foods for Healthy Teeth

Okay, so by now you should know what the best brushing technique is and that you should visit your dentist regularly. Maintaining good oral health is really not as bad as it sounds and can be quite simple if you stick to brushing twice a day, for two minutes.

What extra can you do to keep those gnashers pearly white? Get to know what foods and drinks are the best for your teeth and gums. Check out our handy list of best foods and drinks for your teeth!



Sometimes eating a salad may not be the most exciting thing you’re looking forward to in your busy day (we won’t judge if it is though!). But like other foods on our list, leafy greens such as spinach and kale are rich in calcium, which build up your teeths enamel. Plus think about all those vitamins, minerals and low calories! 


Nuts are healthy overall, but did you know they also promote good oral health? Especially almonds – full of calcium and protein, but low in sugar. They even help to remove plaque from your teeth, so it’s a good idea to have some with your lunch. 


Green tea is beneficial for your teeth in a number of ways: cavity prevention, gum health, tooth loss prevention and a better breath by killing odour-causing bacteria. Impressive, right? And who knows, you might even loose some weight 😉


The fact that apples are good for your teeth doesn’t come as a surprise, we know. Still, most people don’t eat enough vegetables and fruits, so it’s good to remember that apples contain potassium, which improves bone mineral density and they have 15% of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin C.


Plain yoghurt (with no added sugar) will benefit the strength and health of your teeth. It’s good for your gums too, because the good bacteria crowd out bad bacteria that cause cavities.


You should know that one from school, but here’s a friendly reminder 😉: milk is good for your bones! And because it’s rich in calcium, it protects your tooth enamel too!


Are you one of those people who profess a love of cheese? Good news! Not only does it contain calcium and protein, but chewing it requires your mouth to produce more saliva. And we already know, that saliva prevents tooth decay.