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We will deliver your Ordo refill pack directly through your door, when you need it. We look after you, so you can look after your smile. Simple!

Fresh Brush, Fresh Breath

The most important part of your refill - the brush head. We send you a fresh brush head in every refill, so no more worn out bristles, just great oral care.

Specially Formulated

All our products are specially formulated by dentists to provide optimum cleaning, every recommended refill contains a 80ml & 25ml toothpaste as well as a sachet of mouthwash concentrate.

Ordo Interdental Brushes and Floss

Interdental Cleaning

Interdental cleaning is pivotal for maintaining great oral hygiene. We provide all you need to keep in between of your teeth clean. You can select your interdental brush size in your account page.

Dentist Approved & Recommended

All our products are approved and recommend by dentists and oral care professionals. Oral hygiene comes from a good oral care routine not just great products, ensuring you use the correct products and replace them on time is imperative.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Elizabeth A

Refill plan is great! Keeps me stocked up with supplies and reminds me to change my toothbrush head regularly. It's great value too. One suggestion Ordo! It would be better if I could choose the size of interdental brushes that come with my refill plan. I only use one size so it would be much better if I didn't receive a variety of sizes, only the size I use. That could be specified at the point of signing up to the refill plan perhaps? Just a thought!!

Anabelle Prin

Ordo Sonic+ Recommended Refill Plan

Alice Mitchell

Great value and service.
Quality of products is excellent.

Barry Giddens
Great service

I’m enjoying the convenience of my Ordo subscription. An excellent service and good quality products.

Brian Banks
Amazing toothbrush.

I've had some serious dental issues, and have been getting a lot of work done to control and manage the situation. Ordinary toothbrushes just weren't helping enough, and build ups of plaque and tartar were happening regardless of what I did. The Ordo is genuinely bringing that to an end, and it's given me the tools to properly take care of my teeth and manage a healthier mouth as a result. Superb product and superb price.