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Fabulous product

I have no complaints with this product it does a fabulous job at keeping my teeth clean and mouth fresh . My dentist and hygienist have both noted a marked improvement since I have been using it . I would highly recommend to others .

Very happy

Great product, amazing price, thanks you!

💜💜💜 awesome toothbrush 💜💜💜

Have waited for a purple electric toothbrush to come out and this one ticks all the boxes on price, quality and doing a fabulous daily job! The colour is even better in person, the charge holds well and the bristles hit the spot at just the right angles. Very happy customer, highly recommend the Ordo Sonix+ Toothbrush in Pearl Violet.

Sonic plus

Great toothbrush better than a oral-b rotating head toothbrush that hurts my gum problems would recommend & a good price

Ordo Sonic+ Brush Head Rose Gold 4x

Not really sure I like it

Nothing against the kit itself, the mouthwash and bottle for it are great. The floss things look nice but its not something I can use without my gums bleeding so not that useful for me.

It is hard for me to review the toothbrush without comparing it to my last one which was an oral b and a lot more expensive so I will just do a list of pros and cons but again its against something that was over 3 times more expensive.

Battery lasts quite long
The charger fits nicely and doesn't take as long
The toothbrush turns off automatically after 2 minutes
Toothbrush doesn't spray toothpaste everywhere when brushing because it's not that powerful.

It just vibrates so teeth don't really feel as clean
The brush heads themselves feel quite basic but are still the same price as good rotating ones
No pressure lights
USB charging stand (personally prefer just the plug)

I liked how the packaging was easily recyclable and I think this is best for people who are coming from a manual toothbrush or a phillips one rather than oral b. Value wise it is probably worth it if you are going to use everything it comes with. The mouthwash smells like listerine but isn't as strong but still cleans as well.

Product Vs Delivery

I can only say Ordi were amazing, the refill was sent and unfortunately delivered by Evri with half the contents missing and the package open. !
ORDO were great and immediately sent replacements which once again delivered by Evri.
Evri on both occasions sent me an email saying the timeslot they planned to deliver an hour before the timeslot began which left me no way of being at home or arranging for anyone to be there when my package arrives.
Products and service Great

Courier not great. You can change your name Hermes, but you haven't changed your ways 😞

Love it!

I have always bought a well known, and very expensive, brand of sonic tootbrush thinking it was the best. However now that I have an Ordo toothbrush I realise what a good sonic toothbrush is. Everything from the sale, packaging and extras included, not to mention the actual toothbrush itself has been excellent. I would totally recommend.


A very good product excellent service. Excellent products Mouthwash is amazing toothpaste feels really nice toothbrushes are really good, too very happy with the service


Best Toothpaste out and not forgetting the Mouthwash.

Ordo Sonic+ Brush Head White
Beth O’Sullivan

Great! Long battery life, teeth feeling nice and clean.

Totally different

Very impressed so far with my new toothbrush, it vibrates rather than oscillates but is bringing my teeth up beautifully clean. Nice design and easy to hold, various functions work well and do the job.

They were the wrong colour.
I put that down to stock shortages due to the popularity
of the toothbrush

Brilliant design and colour

I got this rose gold toothbrush for my daughter as I had recently got one. She was over the moon with the colour and she says it leaves her teeth feeling clean and shiny. The good thing we would both recommend this to others. It was easy to order and delivery time was great. Go on treat yourself.

Love these brush heads

WOW it actually works.

For years I have used an electric toothbrush and I thought I'd try something different. After much research I was drawn to the Ordo Sonic+ Toothbrush.

My first experience with this toothbrush was quite surprising. After brushing I noticed that my teeth did feel a lot cleaner and that it was very good at getting rid of plaque; I could feel a difference when a ran my tongue across my teeth. I didn't think I'd say something like that, because when you read people's reviews... you always have that doubt! But my teeth really did feel good.

I did find it a bit tickly on the inside top of my teeth but after changing the angle, this wasn't so bad.

The reviews that I read suggested to get the starter kit and I'm really happy with everything in the kit as well as choosing the Ordo Sonic+ Toothbrush.

What I also liked about this toothbrush is the choice of colours and when I buy replacement heads, who's to say I can't get a different colour to the toothbrush holder! Genius!

Toothbrush heads

I love this product. However, it would be good to get heads as a subscription. Also, I would like to see the plastic (or something more recyclable) covers included with my order.

Good but problems with toothbrush head

Overall good, however brittles fallen out of toothbrush head shortly after receiving.

Value for money

In the past I've bought Phillips or oral b but it annoys me because nearly everywhere has them half price which means they aren't worth the full price. There are so many and so many different features that i didnt know what to get. When i saw the ordo sonic + i thought they just do the one sonic, it's got good features and they aren't trying to pretend it should cost you more. All the features you need and i like the massage feature. Well worth the money

Prompt delivery

Good product, good price and prompt delivery

Just what I was looking for

I was trying to find an environmentally friendly mouthwash. I’m so pleased that I’ve found this product.

Ordo Sonic+ Toothbrush Pearl Violet


Great service, easy to order, quickly received. Excellent customer experience!

I’m satisfied with my order


Ordo Sonic+ Toothbrush & Starter Kit