Ordo x YuLife Interdental Brushes

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Specially designed to clean between teeth, removing more plaque and food debris than brushing alone. 

Pack of 6 interdental brushes

Specially designed to clean the spaces between teeth. They remove more plaque and food debris than brushing alone, helping to prevent gum disease, bad breath and tooth decay. Dental experts recommend using interdental brushes daily as part of your oral care routine.

- Coated wire for gentle cleaning

- Ergonomic grip for comfort and control

- Perfect for hard to reach places

- Great for cleaning braces and bridges

- Sizes - 0.4mm (ISO 0), 0.45mm (ISO 1), 0.5mm (ISO 2)

- High quality bristles - 0.064mm

- German steel

- Plastic Coated wire for gentle cleaning

Don't bend or twist the wire as this may cause damage or breakage. Dispose of interdentals after they begin to bend or fray (generally 2 or 3 times). Gently twist the brush slightly when inserting between teeth.

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Interdental Brush bristles close up graphic

Coated Wire

Interdental Brush graphic

DuPont Bristles

Interdental Brush handle graphic

Ergonomic Design

Interdental Brush graphic

Flexible Handle

Interdental Brushes in each colour (Orange, Pink, Red)

Interdental Cleaning

Ordo’s interdental brushes are developed in collaboration with dentists and periodontists. Using interdental brushes daily is proven to remove more plaque than brushing alone. Why is this so important? Effective plaque removal prevents gum inflammation, cavities and bad breath.

Close up of Interdental Brush bristles

Deeper Clean

2 out of 5 surfaces of your teeth need to be cleaned interdentally. Interdental brushes clean the spaces between your teeth where plaque and gum disease is most prevalent.

Orange Interdental Brush handle

Grip, Move and Glide

Our interdental brushes are designed with an ergonomic flexible handle, which makes it easier to get to those hard to reach places. Our coated wire makes it easier to glide through the gaps in your teeth without scratching your enamel or dental work.

Interdental Brushes (Orange, Red, Pink)

Right size?

Ensuring you have the correct size of interdental brush is key to an effective clean. Our 3 sizes cater to a wide range of gaps, with more sizes on their way.

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