Ordo x YuLife Reusable Mouthwash Bottle & Concentrate Bundle

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Our Ordo Reusable Mouthwash Bottle & Concentrate Bundle adds innovation to oral care. By diluting to make four bottles worth of mouthwash, our mouthwash saves the environment and your money. The BPA-free reusable mouthwash is engineered to last you a lifetime.

Each year, several million metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean, un-recycled and polluting the environment. We want to change this!

That’s why we created our Reusable Mouthwash Bottle. Instead of repeatedly buying disposable mouthwash bottles, our Reusable Mouthwash Bottle will last you a lifetime.

Simply fill to the line with our specially formulated Mouthwash Concentrate, top up with water and you’re good to go. The stylish, lightweight design is perfect for home and travel.

Engineered to last you a lifetime, it's more eco-friendly than disposable mouthwash bottles.

Reusable Mouthwash Bottle:

- Travel friendly

- BPA free

- Reusable

- Eco-friendly

Mouthwash Concentrate:

- Helps kill germs above and below the gum line

- Contains fluoride to help prevent cavities

- Reduces Plaque Buildup

- Freshens Breath

- Alcohol Free

- Fills Bottle 4x

- Reduces Plastic

- Vegan Friendly

- Cruelty Free

- Holds 350ml

- BPA free

- Dishwasher friendly

- Mouthwash concentrates to fill this bottle four times

Aqua, Methyl Salicylate, Menthol, Thymol, Poloxamer 407, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Sodium Saccharin, Potassium Sorbate, CI 42053 (Green 3), Sodium Fluoride. Contains Sodium Fluoride (1500 ppm Fluoride). 86 ppm Fluoride when diluted to the recommended level.

Wash out your mouthwash bottle before first use. Our Reusable Mouthwash Bottle is dishwasher friendly which makes them super easy to keep clean.

Rinse mouthwash with 15ml of diluted mouthwash for 30 seconds then spit out. It's best to use our mouthwash after eating and always before brushing.

Keep your Reusable Mouthwash Bottle out of reach of children.

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Travel Friendly

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BPA Free

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Environmentally Friendly

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More Than Regular Mouthwash

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Fresh Breath

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Helps Remove Plaque

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All Bottled Up

Our mouthwash concentrate is the equivalent of 3+ large bottles of mouthwash saving time, money, hassle and the environment. No more ugly bottles of mouthwash that don’t last taking up valuable bathroom space.

Ordo Mouthwash Concentrate diluted

Just Add Ordo

We designed our mouthwash bottle to be environmentally and user friendly, whilst still offering the high quality oral care. Just fill to the line with Ordo Mouthwash Concentrate and fill the rest with water and you're all set.

Environmintally (Environmentally) Friendly with Earth graphic

Good for the Environment

Each year several million metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean, un-recycled and polluting the environment. We want to change this. That’s why we created our mouthwash concentrate and reusable mouthwash bottle. Instead of buying disposable bottles, our Ordo mouthwash concentrate will last you 3x longer.

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