Ordo Mint Green Sonic Toothbrush & Complete Oral Care Kit

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Ordo Mint Green Sonic Toothbrush & Complete Oral Care Kit

Features & Benefits:

  • Mint Green
  • 40,000 Sonic pulses - for a deeper clean 
  • 4 bespoke brushing modes - Clean, White, Massage and Sensitive
  • 4+ weeks Li-ion battery
  • Smart 2-minute timer with quad-pacer
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Designed & approved by dentists
  • Suitable for use with braces and other dental work
  • Waterproof design - IPX7
  • High-quality, individually rounded bristles for optimum performance
  • Unique & stylish design - available in 3 colours
  • Improves gum health & removes surface stains
  • Induction charger with USB connection
  • Mouthwash 80ml
  • Reusable Mouth Wash Bottle
  • Floss
  • Interdental Brushes
  • Travel Toothpaste
  • Large Tooth Paste

The Mint Green Sonic Toothbrush is ideal for busy users on the go. The battery life is usually four weeks, but users report it lasts over one month. Its compact size and practical design make it great for home and travel. The Ordo Sonic Toothbrush is designed with fast yet gentle vibrations, which makes it perfect for an optimal clean along. The vibrations are strong enough to effectively remove plaque and plaque builds, yet the bristles are soft enough to provide a comfortable brushing experience. In addition, the sonic pulses can help to reduce gum inflammation and staining when using a Sonic Toothbrush. Out of the four settings on our brush, our ‘sensitive' setting is also recommended. Ideal for those with sensitive gums, wanting whiter teeth or a deeper clean, the Ordo Sonic Toothbrush is endorsed and recommended by dentists for achieving optimal dental hygiene.

The Ordo Complete Care Kit is ideal for beginning a superior oral hygiene regimen. It supplies all the necessary items for establishing a daily oral care routine.The kit includes a Toothbrush, fluoride Toothpaste (large & travel),  Floss, Mouthwash Concentrate, and 18x Interdental Brushes, making them suitable for cleaning every gap between your teeth and difficult to reach areas. This kit provides instructions to help you take better care of your teeth and gums, enabling you to have a white and healthy smile for a long time.

This set includes a Mint Green Sonic Toothbrush with USB Charging Base and Sonic Toothbrush Head. It is a sophisticated, modern brushing device that employs sonic pulse tech to clean teeth and eliminate plaque and food particles, lowering the chance of gum disease and other dental issues like bad breath. The Sonic Toothbrush offers a complete clean that makes your teeth feel like new. With four personalised brushing modes: Clean, White, Massage, and Sensitive, a two-minute timer ensures you get the desired amount of time to ensure a thorough clean. Find the perfect setting to suit your preferences with five colour options. Ordo's sonic pulse tech utilises fluid dynamics to powerfully send water between the teeth and gum line, providing a gentle clean. Our sonic toothbrush cleans hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, eliminating bacteria and plaque. It also whitens teeth by removing surface stains from the tooth and gum line, providing optimal oral health. The brush offers 40,000 strong, quiet vibrations per minute, making it 2x more efficient in removing plaque and cleaning than manual. Its brush head also has a textured silicone back to stimulate the inside of the cheek. Improving circulation and scrubbing the tongue. The Sonic complete oral care kit is ideal for maintaining oral hygiene: its sophisticated sound technology can help prevent plaque, gum disease and tooth loss in as little as two weeks, plus its design is modern, technology is straightforward and battery life is long-lasting. A Sonic Toothbrush Head is included, featuring soft bristles for an effective, gentle clean with minimal movement needed, unlike a manual or oscillating toothbrush, which is ideal for people with mobility problems.

Our Complete Care Toothpaste strengthens enamel and is formulated suitable for sensitive teeth. It repairs damage caused by consuming harsh foods and drinks. Ordo's fluoride Toothpaste is a must-have for every smile, while still being cruelty-free to please every customer. This comes as a result of our alcohol-free Mouthwash Concentrate, making four bottles worth of mouthwash, saving money and the environment.

Our reusable mouthwash bottle helps save money and is eco-friendly. It promotes healthy teeth and gums. Fill the 80ml concentrate up to the line and add water for 350ml mouthwash that can last for up to 3 weeks. We have also developed an efficient dental Floss as well as our interdental brushes  that will help keep your teeth looking and feeling bright and clean. All of our oral care products are designed to effectively clean and provide long-lasting, fresh breath. Each product is formulated to target specific oral hygiene needs to each and every customer to ensure that your oral health is maintained in the best way possible. The Mint Green Sonic Toothbrush is suitable for use on veneers, composite bonding, crowns, fillings, and braces.

Utformad för att revolutionera din munvårdsrutin - vår snygga tandborste kommer att lysa upp ditt leende och ditt badrum. Expertkonstruerad för att ta bort mer plack än en manuell tandborste, vilket hjälper till att hålla dina tänder starkare, vitare och friskare. Älskad och rekommenderad av tusentals tandläkare.

Ordo Sonic+ tandborste & startpaket innehåller

- Ordo Sonic+ tandborstehandtag

- Ordo Sonic+ borsthuvud och reselock

- USB-induktion Laddningsbas

- Användarmanual

- Ordo Återanvändbar Munvattenflaska

- Ordo Munvattenkoncentrat 80ml

- Ordo Complete Care Tandkräm 80ml (två månader)

- Ordo Complete Care Tandkräm 25ml (två veckor)

- Ordo Interdentalborstar. 3 förpackningar med 6 borstar - 0,4 mm (ISO 0), 0,45 mm (ISO 1), 0,5 mm (ISO 2)

- USB-adapter

- Ordo Mint Floss 25m


Litiumjonbatteri med batteri med lång livslängd 3 veckor+ på en laddning.

Smart LED-indikator med lågströmspåminnelse och avstängningsskydd (förhindrar batteriladdning) skada).

Smart 2 minuters timer med quad-pacer. Pulserar var 30:e sekund för att hjälpa till att rengöra de 4 kvadranterna i din mun.

4 borstningslägen för skräddarsydda munvårdsbehov: blekning, rengöring, massage och känslig.

Material: ABS, TPE-batteri typ: DC3,7V, 700mAh litiumbatteri Strömkälla: DC 5V USB-laddning Produktstorlek: 275 x 60 x 60mmVikt: 235g Vattentät: IPX 7


Munvatten - Aqua, metylsalicylat, mentol, tymol, poloxamer 407, propylenglykol, glycerin, sorbitol, natriumsackarin, kaliumsorbat, CI 42053 (grön 3), natriumfluorid. Innehåller natriumfluorid (1500 ppm fluor). 86 ppm Fluor vid utspädning till den rekommenderade nivån.

Tandkräm - Glycerin, Aqua, Hydrat Silica, Kaliumcitrat, Cellulosagummi, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, CI 77891, Mentha Viridis Leaf Oil, Sodium Fluoride, Menthol, Sodium Saccharin Zinkcitrat, Mentha Arvensis bladolja, natriumklorid. Innehåller natriumfluorid 0,32 % vikt/vikt (1450 ppm fluor).

Interdentalborstar - storlekar - 0,4 mm (ISO 0), 0,45 mm (ISO 1), 0,5 mm (ISO 2)

60 dagars pengarna-tillbaka-garanti

Vi erbjuder en nöjd-garanti på Ordo Sonic+-tandborsten. Om du av någon anledning inte älskar din borste kan du skicka tillbaka den till oss för full återbetalning. Besök pengarna-tillbaka-garanti för mer information.


Vår Sonic+-tandborste täcks av en gratis 2-års garanti. Detta upphör att gälla 730 dagar efter inköpsdatum vid mottagandet av beställningen. Besök garanti för mer information.

Prenumerera på en av våra refills för att få alla dina munvårdsprodukter levererade direkt till din dörr, precis när du behöver dem. Välj från en av våra påfyllningar

Orders can take up to 3 working days to arrive from date of order or subscription date, this excludes the day that the order was placed. All orders are shipped via Evri.

Sonic pulse graphic

40 000 soniska pulser

Tooth graphic

Överlägsen plackborttagning

Lightning bolt graphic

3 veckors batteritid

4 borstningslägen

Glowing tooth graphic

2 minuters timer

Ordo Sonic+ Brush Head graphic

Mjuka borst

60 graphic

60 dagars garanti

Ordo Rose Gold Sonic+ Toothbrush


Ordos Sonic+ tandborste använder ljudpulsteknik med 40 000 ljudpulser per minut! Sonic pulse-teknologin använder vätskedynamik för att inte bara rengöra ytorna på tänderna utan även mellan dina tänder.

Ordo Charcoal Grey Charging Base

Power House

Ordo Sonic+ Induktionsladdningsbas använder en USB-kontakt som ger dig möjlighet att ladda din borste var du vill. Vi skickar dig även en USB-adapter i ditt startpaket.

Ordo Charcoal Grey Brush Head

X markerar platsen

Ordos Sonic+ borsthuvud har ett inbyggt silikonpolerande element designat för att hjälpa till att bleka dina tänder med en skonsam polerande åtgärd. Använd med Ordos Whitening and Sensitive tandkräm för bästa resultat.

Ordo White/Silver Sonic+ Toothbrush brushing modes (clean, white, massage, sensitive)

Skräddarsydd munvård

Vi förstår att allas munvårdsbehov är olika. Med vår tandborste kan du skräddarsy din borstupplevelse med ett urval av 4 borstlägen.

Customer Reviews

Based on 146 reviews
Best electric brush ever.

I love my new electric tooth brush. It’s perfect as it has 4 different types of setting ti how you want your teeth to be cleaned. And it lasts so long the battery life. Perfect as you can charge with a usb. I would recommend this to anyone who likes to clean their teeth with different modes.

Mr M
Excellent value

Excellent value for money as good if not better than the equivalent product that is twice the price very happy with my purchases 5*

Majella O Kane
My teeth have never been cleaner

Absolutely amazing, dentist level clean

Karen Webster
It’s a gift

It’s a gift for my daughter’s birthday at the end of May so she hasn’t used the brush yet. However, the kit looks amazing and great value for money and delivery was very swift. I like that the products are cruelty free as well

Garrett aka Gary Goggin